Irish McCalla – Queen of the Jungle

Nellie Elizabeth “Irish” McCalla (December 25, 1928 – February 1, 2002)

Irish McCalla was not your typical 1950’s pin-up. Not the demure Betty Page type, Irish was big! Standing 5’10” and incredibly busty (37-24-38), Irish was hugely popular in the early 50’s, posing for pin-up king, Antonio Varga and appearing in tons of magazines. From 1955-58 she became “Sheena, Queen of the Jungle”, acting in the syndicated serialization of the same name for 26 episodes. She would play bit parts in TV and movies in the early sixties but called it quits by 1969 when she was diagnosed w/ a brain tumor. Over the years she would deal w/ 4 more tumors and eventually pass away in 2002 at the age of 73  from complications.

A story from her Sheena days goes that she did her own vine-swinging and tree-climbing with her pet chimp, Chim, until the day she misjudged a vine swing and crashed into a tree, smashing her knee and breaking an arm. After that, the producers did the only thing they could do (due to her size), they hired male stunt men, and dressed them in leopard skins and blond wigs.










irish mccullah







Roar! Roar! Roar!

Roar 1981 – Is an unbelievable film written and produced by married couple Tipi Hedren (The Birds) and Noel Marshall. The film also starred Tipi’s real daughter Melanie Griffith and Marshall’s 2 sons John & Jerry. Here’s the basic plot; “Hank (Marshall) lives contentedly with his wild animals: four tiger cubs, two elephants and 110 tigers, lions, leopards and cheetahs. One day his family (wife and 3 children) arrive to visit him. The only trouble is he is not at home, but all his animals are. The visiting family are in for one shocking experience.” That’s right 110 lions, tigers and cheetahs – all untrained, all wild as hell.

During filming over 70 of the cast and crew were injured. Cinematographer Jan de Bont (later director of Speed and Twister) had his scalp lifted by a lion, resulting in 220 stitches. Tippi Hedren received a fractured leg and scalp wounds. This occurred after an elephant bucked her off its back while she was riding it. She was also bitten in the neck by a lion and required 38 stitches (this can also be seen in the film). Hedren’s daughter was also attacked, receiving 50 stitches to her face; it was feared she may lose an eye but in the end the wound was not disfiguring. Noel Marshall was attacked so many times that he eventually was diagnosed with gangrene. The animals fared much better.

Tipi was and is a firm animal rights activist and has run a lion preserve in Africa for well over 30 years, continuing to this day. She felt the film would showcase the beauty and quiet majesty of these animals – she was partially right. What it actually shows is the natural danger and untameability of the animals. Why anyone would consider working with these big cats is a good idea is beyond me.

Alamo Drafthouse has rescued this movie from obscurity and released it across the country with a new print and a crazy poster campaign. It looks amazing and insane. And remember “No animals were harmed in this movie” – only the crew.

Original movie poster

Original movie poster






roar crowd











More Asian 45’s

Asia’s a big place and every boy band from Iran to Pakistan wanted to be the Beatles in the 1960’s. The girls wanted to be Lulu or Nancy Sinatra or any other hot anglo singer. American and British influences are everywhere, in terms of dress, style, band names and song selection. One thing they didn’t emulate so closely was their 45 rpm cover art. It’s all over the place and just plain great.

To Sir with Love - Cecilia Lim

To Sir with Love – Cecilia Lim


John Yum

John Yam

The Click IV

The Click IV

Mini Mini -

Mini Mini – Betty Chung

Nancy Sit

Nancy Sit

Nam Hong

Nam Hong


Heather Harvey & The Thunderbirds

Heather Harvey & The Thunderbirds

One to Nine - Patrina

One to Nine – Patrina

Off Beat Cha Cha

Off Beat Cha Cha

And it's in STEREOMONO

And it’s in STEREOMONO

Huisein J. Tuah & D'Acrobats

Huisein J. Tuah & D’Acrobats

Lily Chao

Lily Chao

Hey, Hey, Na, Na - Julie and the Emeralds

Hey, Hey, Na, Na – Julie and the Emeralds

Awas Ya - Mahani Mohd & Jasni

Awas Ya – Mahani Mohd & Jasni

The Commandos

A. Ramlie & The Commandos

His Ever Changing Moods – Paul Weller’s Hair

John William Weller (Paul) – Born May 25 1956, Woking, Surrey England.  Paul Weller first came into the public eye in 1976 with the formation of The Jam. Although The Jam emerged at the same time as other punk bands like The Clash and The Sex Pistols, The Jam were the odd band out, and being from just outside London rather than the city itself, they were never really part of the tightly-knit punk clique. Nonetheless, it was The Clash who became a leading supporter and took them along as the support act on their White Riot tour of 1977, sealing their fame. Weller would dissolve The Jam after 5 LPs to form the Curtis Mayfield inspired soul band – The Style Council, recording a couple of pretty great albums, closing shop in 1989. From 1991 on it’s been solo work for Paul, releasing critically well received albums every few years.

Now to the Hair. Sporting a good close-cropped punk haircut in the Jam’s early days, Paul quickly evolved to a sweet Mod bowl cut, to a back-combed young Roger Daltry, to a Rod Stewart Peacock with an occasional soul boy look for good measure. And then the current ‘Do’ that he’s rocked for the past 20 years. He calls it the ‘Weller Wig’. Why call it anything else? It’s indescribable. It’s his haircut. Oasis tried it, some of the guys in Blur gave it a shot for a bit. Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane – yep. But no one wears it like the Modfather. May he never go bald.

The Jam - about 1977

The Jam – about 1977

1977 age 19

1977 age 19


Paul Weller, Rick Buckler, Bruce Foxton

Paul Weller, Rick Buckler, Bruce Foxton





The Style Council - Paul Weller & Mick Talbot 1983

The Style Council – Paul Weller & Mick Talbot 1983

About 1985

About 1985


paul-weller (2)






Looking dapper at 56

Looking dapper at 56


Vladimir Dubossarsky & Alexander Vinogradov

Vladimir Dubossarsky & Alexander Vinogradov are two Russian painters that somehow manage to work and paint together. Both live and work in Moscow. In the early part of their career together they adopted the style of socialist realism, an officially sanctioned art practice under the soviet regime. Their early works resembled posters for non-existent thrillers and sleazy porn flicks. In 2001, Dubosarsky and Vinogradov made a transition from the socialist fantasy to the ideals of mass media using celebrity and pop culture as a focal point and statement. The following pieces are from more recent collections; 2009 – 2012.

What the homeland begins with

What the homeland begins with

Bloody Tango

Total Painting

Pink Dreams

Business with Pleasure

Business with Pleasure

Under Matisse

Under Matisse



On the Block

On the Block





For Valour 1

For Valour 1

For Valour 6

For Valour 6

For Valour 9

For Valour 9


Globe Poster Company

Globe Poster, located in Baltimore, M.D., was one of the nation’s largest showcard companies and has been telling the story of R&B and all forms of American music and entertainment through bright and iconic posters since 1929. Globe began by printing posters for vaudeville acts, movie theaters, burlesque houses and carnivals, and became known for its work with R&B and soul performers-including James Brown, Ike and Tina Turner and Solomon Burke-and later hip-hop acts. Big, bold, fat type, Day-Glo colors and distinctive lettering were hallmarks of the Globe style.



















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