4th of July Pinups – Bombs, Boobs and Bunting

Happy 4th!

Ava Gardner


Marilyn Monroe


Painting by Gil Elvgren



Barbara Eden


Helen Twelvetrees


Debbie Reynolds



Cyd Charisse w/ Tom & Jerry


Painting by A. Vargas – caption read – “Golly Mr. Hancock yours is the largest.”


Rita Hayworth




Susan Hayward and Virginia Dale



Jane Mansfield


Doris Day




Vintage Fire Cracker Packaging

Happy (almost) 4th of July. We’ll be counting fingers on Wednesday.

The Bullet Bra – 1950’s Pin-up Necessity

The bullet bra was created by the Maidenform Company in the 1940’s, but with the war raging it didn’t and couldn’t (war time restrictions on nylon) become popular until the mid 1950’s. Every actress, pin-up and girl on the street just had to wear this newest fashion. Women were getting some well deserved freedoms after the war and with all the men back in the States, sex and being sexy was back in style. Sometimes super-sexy, sometimes just plain weird, the bullet bra became the look of the 50’s – the Sweater Girl, Jane Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe and The Outlaw. Never being a fan of the “Pointy Breast” I don’t quite get it. But really, what’s to get? Everybody loves boobs and the bullet bra sure gave you something to look at and dream about.

Jane Russel in The Outlaw

Marilyn Monroe

Elizabeth Taylor

What the hell?????

You can’t play Hide and Seek wearing this bra

Jane Mansfield

Julie (Catwoman) Newmar

Ann Francis (Honey West)

Happy Fathers Day

Rock Edition

George & Dhani Harrison

Jimi Hendrix w/ father Al

Ringo and Zak

Kurt and Francis Bean

Bryan Ferry and Sons

Slash and his boys

Johnny and John Carter Cash

David Bowie w/ daughter Lexi

Bob and Ziggy Marley

ce Cooper and family

Alice Cooper and family

Steven Tyler and his unbelievably beautiful daughters

Johnnie and Shuggie Otis

Keith and some blond people

Marvin Gaye and kids

Paul & Stella McCartney

Mick and a few of his many kids

Rod Stewart and kids


Chicago Gang Cards

Apparently in the 70’s and 80’s in Chicago (and probably else wear) gangs carried with them a nice little bit of PR – calling cards. These come from the days when a gang was more of a neighborhood crew then what it has become.  These were the days of “fists, bats, and bottles” rather than AK-47s and drive-bys. Most of the gangs were just about the neighborhood and hanging out. Though I don’t think I’d trust The Almighty Gaylords or the Gaylordettes if I wondered into their turf.

Almighty Insane 2 Deuces


Insane Popes


Thee Almighty Miniture Villa Lobos


Stone Greasers


The Almighty Bishops

Simon-City Royals


Future Chicago Player’s


Insane Freaks


Almighty Kildare – N – Fullerton Gaylords


The Gaylords


Gaylordettes – Girl Gang




Stoned Freaks


Thee Almighty Schurz People


Insane Freaks


Proud Members of Hanson Park


Almighty Gaylords


Around Here the Cross is the Boss (Gang name?)


Almighty Freaks

Gil Rigoulet – Rockabilly ’82

From photographer Gil Rigoulet – “For four months, I followed Marco, Raynald, Michel, Éric, Boumé, Lionel, Titi, Denis, Alan, Jimmy, Laurent, Bouboule, and others, at home in their bedrooms, at work, in the King Bee record shop, at the market where they’d buy their outfits, and on their nights out. The boys all dreamed of moving to the United States and listening to Gene Vincent, Elvis Presley, and Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers. They usually met up at the Liberty Bar, which dated back to the time when American air forces were based at Evreux in the early years of the Cold War. They hung out in parking lots where they repaired their classic cars—French Simcas, not Chevys”.

“Over the course of a few months, I went from being a photojournalist interested in them as subjects to someone they knew well; they invited me over to their houses, and I’d have lunch with their parents. After a while, they even invited me to come along to their hair appointments. Their salon was owned by Mr. Tuffier—a man who always wore glasses, a goatee, and a wide tie with a floral print. That was an honor: Mr. Tuffier was the quiffmaster of Evreux, so a visit to him was the most sacred of their activities”.