The Art of Packaging: VHS Covers

Wolfman - The Black Gestapo

It hasn’t been that long since we rented these beautifully/awfully designed slices of trash in our favorite video store. They alway seemed slightly sun faded and dog-eared. You’d chose the movie by how bad the tag line was or how lurid the cover art. The thought of having no physical item to inform your decisions is disturbing. No CD booklets, no VHS or DVD covers, no Book covers to pore over and study – it’s awful. Media should be contained. Packaging is essential. Imagine the music of Kiss without the persona and design that surrounds them, they’d be Bon Jovi only way worse.

Body Shop - The Van

Emmanuell, Black and White - Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks

The Nest - Night of the Bloody Apes

Rock n Roll Nightmare - Albino

The Revenge od Dr. X - Savage Island


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