Style: Japanese Street Fashion

Japan began to emulate Western fashion during the middle of the 19th century. By the beginning of the 21st century they had taken it to extremes.  Blending together trends from cartoons, hip hop, punk, goth, etc. they have created a number of truly unique looks.


The Japanese fashion magazine Fruits has followed this scene for years, documenting the kids who hang out in Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. The name Fruits lends itself to a sort of ‘catch-all’ for the scene w/ different sub-sets.


Decora Style is typified by using cute toys and bright naive dress and colors. Lots of Hello Kitty. Means “To Decorate”.


Many variations of Loilta Style – Gothic, Cute, Sexy – all centered around Victorian fashion – mostly void of color but heavy on style.


Ganguro style literally translates as “Black Face”. The girls get deep fakes tans and use make up made for black women.


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