LPs: Sexy

Sex sells – indeed. It seems the LPs of the 50’s and 60’s were a bit more adventurous then todays mundane CD art work. Depending on the music some would use full nudes or unbelievably suggestive scenarios. These are just mild in comparrison to many – especially stag records or adult comedy (Redd Foxx of Sanford and Son’s biggest LP was called Wash Your Ass). The 70’s saw  metal LPs with lots of phallic artwork and don’t forget the Blaind Faith LP of a naked underage girl. I guess a few rap LPs are a bit dirty, but who cares. The last popular band that even tried, got censored in the US – The Strokes first LP’s original artwork featured a profile of a naked womens hip with a black rubber gloved hand on it. The version we saw was  a detail of a map. Sexist? Sure – but at least they have a sense of humor missing in much of todays design.


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