Style: The New York Dolls

Jerry, Sylvain, David, Johnny, Arthur

A fine looking bunch of lads. Written off as a glam version of the Stones in 1971, the Dolls in their first incarnation never received their proper due – though years later they’d be looked on as one of the architects of Punk Rock and would reform 30 years on (at the urging of Morrissey) to record and tour again. After the 1st version of the Dolls broke up David went on to a solo career, scoring a hit as alter ego lounge singer act Buster Poindexter and acting (Scrouged), Syl played for a few years with The Criminals and The Teardrops and became a NYC cab driver. Johnny and Jerry formed The Heartbreakers and toured England with The Sex Pistols and The Clash. Arthur formed The Corpse Grinders and then fell off the map. Only 2 of the original Dolls survive – Syl and David. Jerry died of a drug related stroke, Johnny from an overdose, or murder, depending on who you talk to and Arthur of Luekemia, 1 month after their reunion tour, after years of working as a Mormon librarian (See Documentary – New York Doll).  I saw them in 1974 with opening act – KISS in Flint, MI. at the IMA Auditorium – The Dolls were great, Kiss stunk up the joint.

Photos by Bob Gruen

The Dolls Today


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