Film: Movie Posters – Giant Animals

Them 1954 - The Incredible Shrinking Man 1957

The ” Attack of the Giant…..” movies of the 1950’s were a direct response to Atomic testing and the fear of what might happen if science went wild and out of control. They couldn’t make a serious movies (though I’m sure there must be a few) so they made movies about giant ants, leeches, crabs and my favorite – shrews. These beautifully lurid posters vieled the atomic aspect but went straight for the fear angle. Great design (for the most part), bright colors, nice typography, these have become hugely collectable. My favorite being the Killer Shrews poster – subtler then most but creepier with just the single bloody shoe and tail. By the way the movie is a ridiculous piece of crap with medium sized dogs with fake snouts and wierd fur acting as the titular shrews – a must see.

Tarantula 1955

Beginning of the End, 1957 - Beast With 1,000,000 Eyes, 1955

The Giant Leeches, 1959 - Attack of the Crab Monsters, 1957

The Killer Shrews, 1959 - Tantarntula 1955


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