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Music: Professor Longhair

Professor Longhair (Henry Roeland Byrd) Dececember 19, 1918 – Jan 30, 1980

Pianist, composer, singer, all-around smart dresser, Professor Longhair, is one of the most important musical figures in New Orleans’ musical legacy. Born Henry Roeland Byrd  in Bogalusa, Louisiana on December 19, 1918, he was the embodiment of New Orleans rhythm and blues at his peak in the late ’70s. Fess influenced countless musicians, such as Fats Domino, Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, Henry Butler, Huey “Piano” Smith, Marcia Ball, Champion Jack Dupree, the Meters, and the Neville Brothers. His unique style fused diverse elements including blues, barrelhouse boogie-woogie, rock, and gospel, which he combined with calypso, rhumba, and second-line street parade rhythms. His hybrid “rhumba-boogie” piano style, with a heavy, percussive left hand, forever changed the sound of rhythm and blues piano.

Fess at Tipitinas

At Home

Design: Liquor Stores

Living in Washington State where liquor stores are boring package affairs and seem to always be next door to a Safeway we don’t see this kind of signage much. Growing up in Flint, Michigan however was a different story. Liquor and Party stores on almost every corner to attract the Buick workers, all fighting for attention and sales. My favorite being the drive thru. Didn’t even have to leave your car to get a bag of chips and a pint of bourbon. The fancy signs (except for the awful Circus Liquor sign) are nice but something about the shop in Brooklyn (5th photo down) gives a certain sense of danger and excitement – something important when buying liquor.



Everybody Loves: Anne Francis – Honey West

Honey West

Anne Lloyd Francis (September 16, 1930 – January 2, 2011)

Well they’re all here now – the big 3. As a red-blooded boy growing up on ’60’s TV who could be finer then Dianna Rigg’s Emma Peal, Julie Newmar’s Catwoman and last but not least Anne Francis from the detective show Honey West. Honey West only ran 1 season, 1965-66 but left quite an impression. Honey was tough and sexy, wore leopard print clothes and had a pet ocelot named Bruce. Plus she had that sexy mole by her lower lip. Some might remember her from Forbidden Planet (she was great) or Bad Day at Black Rock but she’s always Honey West to me.

Honey West and Bruce

Anne Francis - Girl of the Night - 1960

Anne and Robbie - Forbidden Planet - 1956

Photography: New Castle Mugs

Joe Relo - Drunk Driving

Not a lot to be said about these, other then they’re a series of mugshots taken in New Castle, PA in the 1940’s. Mostly petty crime or drunk driving there are a few that are harder to explain – Edward Weavers- “Complaint of Wife”, Frank Sodas – “Bastardy” (?) The photos themselves are wonderful – bad lighting, oddly posed – people in distress – you could never recapture these . It’s also a nice glimpse in styles of the 40’s. Check out Joe Relo’s hair, Ed Weavers sport coat and Louis DeLuria’s specs.

Frank Pegnato - Burglary

Preston Litz - Larceny


Lamar Warter - Drunk Driving

Betty Joan Knight - Unknown

Charles Esolda - Pulling a False Alarm

Edward Weaver - 'Complaint of a Wife'

Frank Soda - ' Adultry & Bastardy'

Floyd Armstrong - Loitering

Elizabeth Miller -Breach of Liquor Laws


Louis DeLuria - Drunk


Music: Faris Badwan – The Horrors – Cats Eyes

The Horrors - Strange House LP Promo 2007

  • Faris Badwan – formerly known as Faris Rotter.
  • Joshua Hayward – also known as Joshua Third, formerly Joshua Von Grimm.
  • Tom Cowan –  formerly known as Tomethy Furse.
  • Rhys Webb –  formerly known as Spider Webb.
  • Joseph Spurgeon – formerly known as Coffin Joe.

These boys certainly are in control of their image. The Horrors, from Southend on the Sea, England started life in 2005 as garage rockers with a fashionable gothic edge. They released their first LP Strange House in 2007 to good reviews. It’s a noisey blend of early garage – The Count 5, ? and the Mysterians, and fast loud guitar riffs and shouted vocals. Their 2nd LP Primary Colors was released in 2009 and is a radical shift – more synth driven, sounding like Joy Division with a touch of My Bloody Valentine. No longer dressed in all black and eye shadowand losing the  silly names The Horrors became very fashionable (they even make the Hawaiian shirt looks good – 5th photo). In 2011 lead singer Faris Badwan recorded an LP w/ singer Rachel Zeffira under the name Cats Eyes. They performed their first single at the Vatican for the College of Cardinals. All 3 LPs are great – though completely different from each other – highly recommended.

The Horrors 2007


2007 - 2009

The Horrors 2009


Faris Badwan 2010

Faris Badwan, Rachel Zeffira - Cats Eyes, 2011

Cats Eyes