Music: Johnny Thunders

Johnny Thunders, born John Anthony Genzale, Jr. (July 15, 1952 – April 23, 1991) Johnny Thunders made an impression. I first saw him with the New York Dolls in 1974, playing Flint, MI of all places, dressed in black leather 2 sizes too small and hair a mile high. I later met him playing small bars in Ann Arbor, MI with Wayne Kramer as the band Gang War. A talented guitarist, a flashy dresser, and a terrible junkie is how Johnny’s remembered. The Dolls crashed around 1976 but Johnny went on with The Heartbreakers and then solo for a number of LPs, each lousier then the next as his drug problems escalated. Johnny ended his life in a small hotel in New Orleans French Quarter. Some say it was a drug overdose some say murder as his room was ransacked and all his belonging gone, either way no one was very surprised. Check out, The Dolls 2 LPs, – L.A.M.F by The Heartbreakers and solo LP So Alone and Copy Cats with Patti Pallidin.

The New York Dolls - Syl, Arthur, David, Jerry and Johnny

Johnny and Jerry Nolan - 2 junkies

Johnny, Sable Starr, Iggy Pop

Sable Starr was the Queen of the 1970 groupies. First with Iggy and later Johnny – among others. Johnny and Iggy later became friends but you can’t tell here.

Johnny and Sable

Johnny & Patti Pallidin

Johnny’s last good LP was 1988’s Copy Cats – a series of inspired covers with Patti Pallidin


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