Style: Mexican Super Pointy Boots

These are so cool it’s hard to put in words. These super pointy boots were developed in Matehuala, Mexico a few years ago primarily by dance crews (Bellavista Dance Crew, the Barrio Apache Hyphy Crew, Los Perranderos etc.) to stand out at the local dances and raves. The scene went completely crazy when boots reached close to 7 feet long, so long in fact, that they would have to hold the tips as they walked or danced. It all centers around a blend of electronic tribal music called Guarachero with 17 year old DJ Erick Rincon as their god. Another example of bored kids making something cool and fun out of something completely idiotic.


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  1. esto ya se paso de ridiculo…. algun dia cuando sean viejos, “no las botas” se van a morir de verguenza<algunos se van a reir de ellos mismos. pdt. los espero en el salon de la risa….ahi les va un jajaja de adelanto.

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