The Art of Packaging: Hot Rod Movie Posters

Hot Car Girl 1956

Cars have always been a big part of youth culture and probably never more so then the 1950’s and ’60’s. Just like every other early movie fad (beach movies, bad girl movies, juvenile delinquent movies) the drag strip movie was a hot commodity – for a few years. There doesn’t seem to be one defining movie from this style – no Citizen Kane of car films to speak of. They were in fact mostly weak melodramas that happened to take place around cars. Much like today’s bad horror movies they were cash-ins with attractive young people looking for love and trouble. The posters though are beautiful – much better then the movie could ever hope to be.

The Young Racers 1963

Road Racers 1959

Drag Strip Riot 1957


Drag Strip Girl 1957

Hot Rod Gang 1958

Speed Crazy 1959

Hot Rod Girl 1956


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  1. And of course, my favorite, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill.

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