Everybody Loves: Anne Francis – Honey West

Honey West

Anne Lloyd Francis (September 16, 1930 – January 2, 2011)

Well they’re all here now – the big 3. As a red-blooded boy growing up on ’60’s TV who could be finer then Dianna Rigg’s Emma Peal, Julie Newmar’s Catwoman and last but not least Anne Francis from the detective show Honey West. Honey West only ran 1 season, 1965-66 but left quite an impression. Honey was tough and sexy, wore leopard print clothes and had a pet ocelot named Bruce. Plus she had that sexy mole by her lower lip. Some might remember her from Forbidden Planet (she was great) or Bad Day at Black Rock but she’s always Honey West to me.

Honey West and Bruce

Anne Francis - Girl of the Night - 1960

Anne and Robbie - Forbidden Planet - 1956


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