Big Fan: Nick Cave

Kicking Agaisnt The Pricks - 1986

Nicholas Edward Cave – Musician (The Birthday Party, The Bad Seeds, Grinderman), Novelist (And the Ass Saw the Angel, The Death of Bunny Monroe), Poet (King Ink), Actor (Wings of Desire, The Assassination of Jessie James…, Johnny Suede), Screenwriter (Proposition) Soundtrack (The Road, The Assassination of Jessie James…) What can’t this guy do and when does he have time to do it? Never a big Birthday Party fan, The Bad Seeds, however, have been consistently great since 1984. Not one too sit about too long Nick formed Grinderman in 2007, a raw blues outfit, toured and released 2 exceptional LPs, all while still performing w/ The Seeds and writing his 2nd novel. It would be hard to pick a favorite LP, they start out relitively noisey with 1984’s “From Her to Eternity”, become absolutely quiet and lovelorn with 1997’s  “The Boatman’s Call” and as of 2008’s “Dig, Lazurus, Dig”, a complecated pop/blues LP. Take your choice – they’re all great – and don’t forget 1996’s “Murder Ballads” – a collection of songs about killin’.

Nick and Jesus - 2010



With PJ Harvey - Murder Ballads - 1996

Live with Grinderman- 2008

Live with Grinderman - 2008


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