The Art of Packaging: Bad VHS

" It Started in Bed and Ended in the Gutter" - Gang War

Beautiful, aren’t they? Who designed these things? How many did they have to do in an hour? How much were they paid? Who wrote the tags? So many questions left unanswered. Anything goes with these and that’s the beauty. They would even change titles to make things a bit more lurid – Twinsanity (4th pic) is really called Goodbye Gemini and is set in swinging London in the 70’s about a blackmail scheme. I love how supposed stars were made to seem bigger then they were – Enemy Unseen (12 pic) starring (in big type) Vernin G. Wells – star of Road Warrior. Apparently Vernon played the mute biker w/ the blond boyfriend ( according to IMDB). And why does the star of Gang War look so much like Kids in the Hall’s Bruce McCulloch?

"Jacki and Julian have Evil Twins. Each Other" - Twin Sanity

No Tagline?

"You Pay for the Pleasure, the Killing is Free." - Hustler Squad

"Be Good to Him..... or He'll Tell his Mommy" - Plutonium Baby

"What You Don't See Can Kill You" - Enemy Unseen


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