Style: Nick & Nora Charles – The Thin Man Series

Publicity Still - The Thin Man 1934 Myrna Loy, Asta, William Powell

Nick and Nora Charles – the perfect movie couple. They were rich (Nora was a railroad heiress), stylish, wildly in love, funny as hell and drank like fish – what could be better. The hugely successful  Thin Man movie series ran for 6 films, starting with 1934’s The Thin Man and finishing in 1947 w/ Song of The Thin Man. The series was attapted from the Dashiell Hammet book of the same name. Though Hammet only wrote one adventure w/ the Charles’s and their terrier Asta, the remaining 5 movies never veered far from the formula; Nick drinks, get involved in a crime, drinks, Nora helps and/or gets in the way, both drink , witty repartee, solve the crime, credits roll. The on-screen chemistry between William Powell and Myrna Loy, who often improvised on the set, was key to the success of the series. The two actors actually seemed to have affection for each other and it showed.

Song of The Thin Man - 1947

The Thin Man Goes Home - 1945

Nick and Nora Charles

The Thin Man - 1934

The Thin Man Goes Home - 1945

The Thin Man 1934


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