Photography: Australian Mugshots – 1920’s

De Gracy and Edward Dalton - No record of crime

These are from a series of mugshots taken in Sydney Australia, primarily in the 1920’s. They seem perfectly posed and actually lit quite well. It would seem the photographer was attempting something more then just a standard mug shot. Little detail is known about these photos. In fact, when they were discovered in 1989, the only information that existed was what was scratched onto the image. These mug shots are 4-by-6-inch glass plate negatives and are housed in the sydney Police Museum.

Sidney Skukerman - "Obtains goods from warehouse by falsely representing that he is in business".

Walter Smith - Petty Theft

Eugenia Falleni (aka Harry Crawford) - Killed wife after being discovered 'he' was a woman

Widow Annie Birkett certainly didn’t notice anything odd when she married Harry Leon Crawford, above, in 1914. Imagine her surprize when “Harry” turned out to be a woman: Eugenia Falleni, who had been passing as a man since 1899.

Three years after their marriage, Birkett announced to a relative that she had discovered “something amazing about Harry.” Shortly thereafter, she disappeared. Crawford (Falleni) told the neighbors that Birkett had run off with a plumber. Eventually, a charred body was found in a Sydney suburb and identified as Birkett’s. When Crawford’s second’s wife was finally convinced of Falleni’s true gender, she remarked, “I always wondered why he was so painfully shy …”

W. S. Moore - Opium & Cocaine Importer

Thomas Bede - No record of crime - Note caption

F. E. Davies - Sneak Thief (Police hated sneak thieves so his mug was shot in a toilet)


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