Music: Ringo – The Frustrated Beatle

Circa HELP - 1965

Richard Starkey, MBE (born 7 July 1940)

I always liked Ringo, maybe not best (I was a George fan), but I thought he was cool – the bit of an outsider in the group. I guess I felt a bit sorry for him. When the band formed in 1960, Starr was a member of another band, Rory Storm & the Hurricanes. He became The Beatles’ drummer in August 1962, replacing Pete (the unluckiest man in the world) Best. Starr described himself as “your basic offbeat drummer with funny fills”, technically limited by being a left-handed person playing a right-handed kit. Frustraed with only given a song here and there and not much creative input Ringo was the first to quit The Beatles in 1969 but returned after a couple week sulk and stayed with them until the breakup in 1970. He has recorded 16 solo LPs had a couple of hit singles and currently tours as The Ringo Starr All-Star Revue along w/ a rotating list of muscians.

Early Beattles Promo Shot

With Raquel Welch, THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN - 1969


"All You Need is Love" live BBC Broadcast 1967

Hey Jude sessions - 1968


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