Design: Movie Posters – Bad Girls

High School Hellcats - 1958Ah, the wonderful 1950’s. What were they thinkin’. Most of these beautiful posters were AIP releases – (A film production company that catered to teen and exploitation double features primarily for Drive-Ins). The designs are bold and colorful and less then subtle with the focus on the girl who is most definetly bad – or about to be.  As these were mostly created for Drive-Ins in limited markets on cheap paper, not many have survived and have become quite valuable.

Teenage Doll 1957

Reform School Girls - 1957

Running Wild aka Girl in A Cage - 1955

Gun Crazy aka Deadly is the Female - 1950

Kitten With A Whip - 1964 French 1 Panel


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  1. The HellCats one – I swear it’s been done before!

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