Design: WWII Nose Art – How Pin-Ups Won the War

Little Gem

That’s right, Pin-Ups won the war. Not by themselves of course, they had help. Bored GI’s and pilots inspired by the only acceptable way to get  pictures of a nearly nude women – pin-up calendars and posters – painted them on just about anything they could get their hands and brushes on. I guess you could consider it grafitti of a kind. First used to distinguish platoons and then to make some kind of statement or boast, it quickly caught on and became a huge moral booster. It continues to this day, (although there is a ban on naked women, PC bastards!) Most of these are somewhat crude, others extremely detailed, but all are extremely cool with the their bright stylized lettering and fabulous pin-up poses.

Miss Murphy - Refurbished

Strawberry Bitch

Mission Belle

Dream Girl - Refurbished

Heavenly Body

Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby


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