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The Art of Packaging: D is for Dope

"She traded her body for drugs and kicks"

Not a lot needs to be said about these books – they pretty much speak for themselves. Most of these are from the 50’s with a couple obvious 60’s titles – “Those Who Lust”, “Home is the Humper” (?). Cool seedy art, cool sordid tags, cool bright type. The last book – “Junkie” by William Lee, 1953, is actually William S. Burroughs’ first book. He published under the name William Lee so his mother wouldn’t be upset (or so the story goes). This is the Holy Grail of pulp fiction and goes for about $800. The whiter version of the book is the British publication.

"The searing novel of dope addicts..."

"They sailed on boiling seas of depravity"

"A Revealing Story of Dope, Sin and Shattered Dreams"

"He brought a new vice to a sin-ridden town"

Confessions of an unredeemed drug addict"