Design: Parliament Magazines

Touch - 1959

Parliment News was a publishing company that started in California in the 50’s by a former illustrator and art director, Milton Luros. Seeing that Hugh Hefner and Playboy had the ‘nice girl’ market sewed up, Milton went a different route; Fetish, Nudist Camp, ‘Figure Studies’ anything he thought he could sell, that wasn’t Playboy. Big brassy titles (all in Caps) TOUCH, SNAP, COCKTAIL, and full color glossy photographs of almost pretty semi-nude women was the key for Milt and he did quite well for a number of years. Parliment News was bought out in the 70’s by a Swedish publishing house and as the times changed so did the magazines, leaning toward a more hardcore look and content. Anybody can do porn, not to many people can do a photo expose called “Sex Kitten in a Robins Nest”. The world was a better place with Milton Luros in it.

Snap - 1962

Snap - 1960

Cocktail - 1961 Harem Holiday - 1965

International Jaybird - 1965 Nudist Forum - 1966

Satan's Scrapbook - 1965

Showcase - 1960


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