Design: The Rolling Stones 1964-67


1964 - 6th on the Bill

No Big Lips logo, No Naked Women, No Big Mick – just the 5 Stones or in most cases just their names. The design of these is typical package show style. Almost a template, you’d see the same style for Blues and Motown tours – big upper case names, bright boxes of colors. In some cases it seems almost impossible to fit all the acts on one poster. It’s hard to image The Stones playing second or third to The Swinging Bluejeans or that the Everly Brothers were ever headliners. On these package tours each band would do their hit and maybe a couple more songs, never being on more then 10-15 minutes, and played at least 2 shows a day, usually starting around 7:00 and then playing again a few hours later.

1965 Handbill

Top Billing 1967


The Barron Knights opened for The Beatles in 1963 and the Stones in 1965, making them one of the only bands to open for both bands.


Goldie and the Gingerbreads (?)



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