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Photgraphy: Anton Corbijn

Henry Rollins Iggy Pop

Anton Corbijn – Photographer, Video Director, Film Director, Designer.    Anton Corbijn’s professional career has spread over 4 decades and still going strong. Corbijn began his career in the Netherlands in the early 70’s shooting photos of little known Dutch rock star Herman Brood. The photos of Brood quickly catapulted both careers (Brood had a #35 American hit w/ 1975’s Saturday Night). Anton’s career, however, skyrocketed, becoming the primary designer and photographer for U2‘s & Depeche Modes’ albums and promotion. It would seem that he has since shot almost every rock/music star alive – from the earliest shots the Sex Pistols to the ageing Johnny Cash. He has directed videos for, among others,  Nirvana (Heart Shaped Box), Joy Division (Atmosphere), Johnny Cash (Delia’s Gone) & Nick Cave (Straight to You). Starting a new, logical phase of his career, he now directs feature films. In 2007 he directed the Ian Curtis/Joy Division biopic – Control, and in 2010 – George Clooney’s The American. He’s currently at work on another film in Berlin.

Joy Division

William S. Burroughs Liv Tyler

Tom Waits

Elvis Costello

Michael Stipe Mick Jagger

Johnny Cash


Design: Let’s Get Lost

Let’s Get Lost is a 1988 documentary about the troubled life and death of jazz trumpeter Chet Baker, by film maker Bruce Weber. A series of posters were created to show how cool and handsome the young Baker was, juxtaposed with the years of alcohol and herion abuse that destroyed Chet’s looks and career and led to his mysterious death at the age of 59. The French poster used the same graphic style but chose to show Baker in his final ravaged years – as does the American re-release and LP art work. Beautiful design with light blue type and destroyed paper – this is a wonderful series for an interesting movie.

2008 Re-release

American LP 1989