Design: Blaxploitation Movie Posters

Coffy - 1973

The term Blaxploitation would lead you to believe that someone black was being exploited in these films. I never thought of it that way. Even though a lot these films were made by white directors and white studios it always seemed like the stars were super-cool and in control. I always thought these were made for black people not just about them. It seemed like when a mainstream “white” movie did well there would be a “black” version to cash in. Black Shampoo was basically Warren Beatty’s Shampoo w/ a mostly black cast, “The Black Six” was most likely “The Magnificent Seven” starring football players – and who the fuck knows what “Black Gestapo” was about. Eventually these films did fall out of favor with the NAACP when the heros became mostly pimps or gangsters.  All I know is the music was  great, Curtis Mayfield (Super Fly), James Brown (Black Caeser), Isaac Hayes (Truck Turner), etc and the poster art was bright, loud and sexy.

Black Shampoo - 1976

Blackenstein - aka Black Frankenstein - 1973 Blacula - 1972

Black Gestapo - 1975

Cleopatra_Jones - 1973

The Black Six - 1974

Dolemite - 1975


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