Music: Then/Now

My first thought on this post was to show how poorly these rock stars have aged – everyone’s seen pictures of Iggy looking like a piece of meat left too long in the sun, or Kieth Richards looking like he’s been turned inside-out. Truth is they haven’t done that bad – for people that have seen the things they’ve seen, done the things they’ve done. What is interesting is how young they looked in the first place – Iggy looks like a big pouty baby, Jagger looks actually happy and about 12 years old.

Iggy Pop (born James Newell “Jim” Osterberg, Jr.; April 21, 1947)  Singer –  The Stooges

LEFT- Iggy at about 21 when he was with the Stooges, pre-heroin, pre-insanity.       RIGHT –  Iggy today. Apparently one of the only shots taken w/ his shirt on. If you add it up Iggy Pop will turn 65 next April.

Thomas Alan “Tom” Waits (born December 7, 1949)      Singer/Songwriter

LEFT – Probably taken around 1973-74, making Tom about 25    RIGHT – Same style, gruffer voice – Tom at 60

Sir Michael Philip “Mick” Jagger (born 26 July 1943)  Singer – TheRolling Stones

LEFT – Sir Mick looking impossibly chipper at the ripe old age of 19 (ish).   RIGHT – Worn but fit, Jesus man, he is 68 years old.

Michael Geoffrey “Mick” Jones (born 26 June 1955)  Singer/Guitarist –  The Clash

LEFT – Mick right around “London Calling” – 1979-80, making him about 24.   RIGHT – When Mick met Lauren Bacall recently she was astounded that he looked so much like her first husband Humphrey Bogart, and she’s right. Mick at 55.

Mark Edward Smith (born 5 March 1957)  Singer –  The Fall

LEFT – Mark E. at about 20  RIGHT – Mark E. at 52,  Jesus H. Christ, what happened to you?

Paul Weller (born 25 May 1958)   Singer/Guitarist – The Jam

LEFT – Paul’s publicty shot for The Jam about 1978. Young and spotty at 20.   RIGHT – 53 doesn’t look so bad on Paul, except for that hair, which he refers to as “that Weller wig”.

John Joseph Lydon (born 31 January 1956),     Singer – Sex Pistols, PIL

LEFT – Johnny sometime after the first flush of fame, probably around ’79.  RIGHT – Still pissed at 55, but with readers.


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