Design: Vintage Motorcycle Posters

Another example of how perfect design effects us all. These vintage motorcycle posters are beautiful. Meant to be representitive of the companies product I don’t quite understand what Gilera was thinking (below), but who cares, it’s a great bit of advertising and design.

Gilera – Italian – Founded in 1909, ended production in 1969

Indian Motorcycle Co. – American – Sprinfield, MA  1901-1953  Began production again in 2006

Terrot – Dijon, France  Founded 1887  Ended production in 1961

Triumph – British, founded in 1902

BMWBayerische Motoren Werke AGBavarian Motor Works,    German – Founded 1916

Norton – British, founded in 1898 in Birmingham, England – Merged as Norton-Villers-Triumph in the 70’s. Purchased in 2008 and back to the Norton brand

Harley Davidson – American, Founded 1903 Milwaukee, WI      Still in production


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  1. The top poster is odd, but surreal I think. Plus, they got a woman’s boobs in the middle of the shot, which can’t harm, I’m sure. The Italian says ‘With eyes closed’.

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