Art: Elvis Presley

Andy Warhol

They say Elvis Presley has the most recognizable face in the world (Michael Jackson being 2nd and Jesus being 3rd). Many artists both good and bad, talented and total crap have decided to immortalize the King in paint, pencil, mixed media, chalk, tattoo, etc. on canvas, board, black velvet, cement and skin. The above Warhol being one of the most famous (and pricey) but we can’t forget the velvet versions or the total obsessed wack jobs. Many are very cool – the Jon Langford and Dubossarsky & Vinogradov are personal favorites. Many are just odd. All though, love The King of Rock and Roll (some jus a little more then others).

Ralph Wolfe Cowan

Dubossarsky & Vinogradov

Jon Langford

Black Velvet Elvis - Artist Unknown

Great piece - can't find the artist's name

Loxi Sibley

Artist Unknown

Rena F. LaCaria


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