Film: Performance

Performance – 1970 Directed By Donald Cammell and Nicholas Roeg. First off the movies’ great. Go rent it. It’s a late 60’s early 70’s psych masterpiece. The story surrounding it is a hundred times better though. Where to begin? First, Anita Pallenberg is a super hot German model who dated The Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones but left him for Keith Richards in 1967 (and eventually have 3 children). In 1968 she’s cast as the lead in Performance w/ her boyfriends’ best friend and musical partner, Mick Jagger as the star. They have sex – on screen – while Keith sits out in his limo fuming. A 16 year old French girl – Michele Breton –  who looks like a boy and is the directors underage mistress is cast as the other female lead – who Mick also fucks – on screen. The other male lead, James Fox, becomes so close w/ Jagger during the filming he moves in w/ Jagger and his girlfriend Marrianne Faithful. Anita gets hooked on heroin, James Fox has a nervous breakdown and joins a religious cult for 10 years, Michelle Breton never does another movie and Director Donald Cammell puts a bullet in his head. Warners Brothers thought they were getting the Stones equivalent to The Beatles A Hard Days Night so they left production alone. What they got was a X rated freakout that didn’t see the light of day for 2 years and was released in various edited forms. The outtakes from Mick and Anitas sex scene went on to win an award at an erotic film festival in Amsterdam. Nicholas Roeg went on to direct, Don’t Look Now and The Man Who Fell to Earth (among many others). Mick and Keith still speak albeit rarely, and James Fox now plays stodgy old British judges and government officials. Anita still acts occaisionally – Last seen playing the Devil to Marrianne Faithfull’s God on Absolutely Fabulous.

Anita Pallenberg & Mick Jagger

James Fox & Mick

Michele Breton, Mick & Anita

Mick as Turner

Anita Pallenberg as Pherber

Michele Breton as Lucy

James Fox as Chas

Anita & James

Anita and Mick


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  1. The Navigators aren’t a cult.

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