Music: Bryan Gregory – The Handsomest Man in Rock-N-Roll

Bryan Gregory (Gregory Beckerleg, February 20, 1951 – January 10, 2001)

The story of Bryan Gregory would make a great movie – if you could find someone to play him. Bryan was a founding member and guitarist in NY Punkabilly band – The Cramps during the late 70’s. He played on the first 2 LPs “Songs the Lord Taught Us’ and ‘Gravest Hits’, leaving the band in 1980 (taking along with him most of their equipment). A star only in the NY punk underground, Bryan moved to Ohio and formed the horrible Goth/Monster/Freakout band – BEAST. His Voodoo fashion sense went wild, sporting a pair of animal horns and lots of hand made bone jewelry. Seeing as Bryan really couldn’t play all that well the band went nowhere. At this point his path got a tad fuzzy. Basically he vanished, with rumors swirling that he was the leader of a Satanic cult, or had died in some arcane ritual. The fiction always being better then the truth, Bryan surfaced in Sarasota Fl. having been the manager of an adult book store for years. Moving to California in 1992 he formed a couple of bands (The Dials & Shiver) failing to make any waves. On Jan. 9 2001, Bryan checked himself into the hospital feeling run-down and died the next day from multiple system failure at the age of 49. With his polka dot Flying-V guitar, white-shocked hair and acne ravaged face – Bryan cut quite a figure.

photos 1 & 3 by David Arnoff

After The Cramps - BEAST


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  1. Some photo credits would be nice. I took the main one & the 3rd one.
    ~David Arnoff

    • I will absolutely credit you. Thanks for the heads up. Do you sell prints by any chance?J

      • Thanks for that. Have a look at for prints.
        Heigh Ho,

      • Hey,
        Just wanted to say thanks again for being so cool about an uncredited photo (pictures of Bryan Gregory are hard to come by and rarely credited). I’m posting your work in my photographers section w/ credit and a link to your site – if that’s cool with you.

      • Jon,
        Quite pleased to have a place in your blogs. That’s a great kollection of Kinks you’ve got.

      • Thanks – it’s up, have a look. Also, my wife wants one of your fox prints and I may go for a Bryan Gregory. Beautiful work all-around.Thanks,Jon

  2. Wonderful photos of Bryan Gregory. The early Cramps were a mind blowingly good band.

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