The Art of Packaging: VHS Covers – Evil

"Because a brain is a terrible thing to waste"

“A serial killer so evil, he mocks the devil himself” – He mocks the Devil himself? That’s the tag from the 1993 jem – The Satan Killer. These are from the 80’s and 90’s when a VCR was unique and every distributor an dfilm company tried to cash in on the new fad by releasing every single lousy, awful, cheap, shitty movie ever made – ever. They all look completely rushed and hap-hazard, from the terrible artwork and naive layout to the copy and ridiculous taglines. As it’s almost Halloween here are some of the fine horror titles, if you’re over 30, you may have seen at your local video store.

Nail Gun Massacre - "A very penetrating story"

"They came to play, they stayed to die"

"The ultimate driller killer thriller!"

Death Spa - "You'll sweat blood"

"They're men turned inside out! And worse... they're still alive!"

"A terrifying look into the mind of a possessed psychopathic killer"

"A serial killer so evil, he mocks the devil himself"


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