Photography: Bob Gruen

Bob Gruen (born 1945)

Bob is a New York based photographer still working hard today. If you were a Rock Star in the 70’s and 80’s, there’s a good chance Bob took your picture. Arguably his most famous photos are the John Lennon New York series shot just weeks before Lennon’s death. The most recognizable being the shot of Lennon on a roof top wearing a sleeveless white New York City T-Shirt. It’s on every dorm room wall so I didn’t include it here. The picture of John w/ his young son Sean is much more interesting.

John and Sean

The Clash

The New York Dolls and Todd Rundgren

Test sheet of The Dolls w/ producer Todd Rungren. Probably taken for, or around, the time of their 1973 self-titled debut LP


Soo Cat Woman

Famous Punk trend setter – Soo Cat Woman, shot w/ Marco Peroni of Adam and the Ants. Soo was an early Sex Pistols follower and has appeared in many movie and documentaries about the era.

The Stones - 1972

Sid Viscious


The most over-rated band ever – KISS. But a hilarious shot of them in suits. Appeared on there 1975 LP – Dressed to Kill. The clogs and Pee Wee Herman suit fit Gene Simmons nicely.

Johnny Thunders

The Ramones

Joan Jett

Johnny & Sid

The organ grinder and the monkey.


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