LPs: Gay

Before anyone get their feelings hurt, remember this is all about good and bad design. It seems that anyone and everyone could make a record about anything – and we’re all better for it. The days are gone for anything remotely like Alix Dobkin’s 1975 lesbian folk LP  – “Living w/ Lesbians” or the Camp Records lable that gave us “I’d Rather Fight Than Swish” and “Stanly the Manly Tranvestite”, all parody songs replacing existing lyrics w/ gay referances – sort of the queer Wierd Al. My favorite of these is the Mike Terry ” Live at the Pavillion Theatre – Glasgow”. It takes some balls to perform in a dress, looking like Mike and in Glasgow of all places. Finally, if you can’t figure a way to come out to your parents, Jose Angel has the perfect solution; record an LP that proclaims “Mother I’m a Christian Homosexual”.

Jose Angel - Mother I'm a Christian Homosexual - Alix Dobkin - Living w/ Lesbians ft. The Lesbian Power Authority

Adult Comedy on Camp Records

Queen of the Road - Hector Nicol - Valeria - Transvestite

Mike Terry - Live

Rae Bourbon - Let Me Tell You About My Operation - Liz Renay - Up Your Ass

Zeki Muren - The Slavic Liberace (?)

Stanely the Manly Transvestite - A Date w/ Noel McKay


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