Design: Mens Action Magazines – 50’s & 60’s

Boy Oh Boy, what do you read first – “1000 Brides for the Devil’s Lust”, “Bone Crushers on Ice”, The Desparate Raid of the Pink Panty Platoon”? So much to see, so much to do. These magazines became popular after the War and into the early 1960’s. Their hayday being the late 50’s when over 130 titles were available at any given time. The magazines pretty much all had stories about either women in distress, Man vs Nazi’s (later Commies) or Men vs wild animals, occaisionaly they’d throw a cheescake shot in for good measure. One thing every mag had though, was great design, cool cover art, lurid stories and hot women. Oh and sorry about all the swastikas here – apparently Germans were still a big problem in the 50’s.

MAN'S ESCAPE - The Desperate Raid of the Pink Panty Platoon

RAGE - I Was Flogged by Red Sadists

MAN'S ADVENTURE - Bride of the Anaconda

MAN'S STORY - Vile Secrets of Hitler's Monstrous Torture Master

TRUE DANGER - The Sex-Crazed Kidnap Cult of the Tanganyika Lion Men

REAL - How to Handle Your Sex Fears

CHAMPION - Death Crawled Up My Body

MAN'S BOOK - Tortured Slave of the Whip Goddess

WILDCAT - Branded Nudes of the Teen Jungle

MAN'S ADVENTURE - Trail of the Kill-Mad Cat

MAN'S LIFE - Weasels Ripped My Flesh


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