The Art of Packaging: The Beatles

The Beatles (or their management) licensed everything – every-thing. Sheets, wigs, hats, cups, toys, figurines, pomeade, shoes, dresses, and on and on and on and on. Looking at these now, they’re pretty damn cool. You can see why collectors pay top dollar for this stuff. Who knows how much cash The Beatles actually made on this, probably next to nothing. The Stones had some stuff like this but not even close, in terms of quantity. It wasn’t until years later that the worlds shitiest popular band, KISS, took this mass marketing idea and ran it face-first into the ground.

Phonograph - i.e. Record Player

Wigs - Hard Plastic & Hair

Flip Your Wig - Board Game

Dresses - 1964

Lunch Box and Thermos

Plastic Guitars


British Model Guitar



Bobble Heads


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