The Art of Packaging: Paperbacks and Bad Women

That’s right – All women are bad. They’re sexy and hot, but they’ll wreck your life, take your money and maybe even kill you. So says these particular paperbacks. So be careful when you run across “The Girl Who Killed Things” or “The Girl from Hateville”.

Lady Wrestler - "She Wrestled w/ Sin and Got Pinned"

Bedroom on Wheels - "The Man Called Her Julia, The Woman Called Her Tramp."

Death Deep Down - Topside She was All Honey & Sex & Woman, Underwater She Had the Conscience of a Shark"

Office Tramp - "Her Job Was to Keep the Bosses Happy, & it Wasn't Taking Dictation"

Hells Angels - "Her Life Was a Paridise of Sex and Drugs..."

Shame Star - "As a Lust Model She Bathed in Passion Money!"

Lust Dupe - "Twisted Passion Made Her a ....."



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