Film: Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! – 1965 directed by Russ Meyer
Here’s the story – Three thrill-seeking big-breasted go-go dancers—Billie, Rosie, and their leader, Varla – encounter a young couple in the desert while racing their sports cars. After killing the boyfriend with her bare hands, Varla drugs, binds, gags and kidnaps his girlfriend. On a desolate highway, the four stop at a gas station, where they see an old man and his muscular, dimwitted son, Vegetable. The gas station attendant tells the women that the old man and his two sons live on a decrepit ranch with a hidden cache of money. The girls try to get their hands on the cash by any means possible. Shot in the Mojave desert in 1964 on a limited budget, Faster Pussycat… is, among other things,  unintentionally hilarious. Tura Satana ( born Tura Luna Pascual Yamaguchi), the beautiful part American Indian, part Japanese actress shouts all her lines at the top of her voice and screams at everyone. Haji (born Barbarella Catton) wrote most of her own lines, which make little sense and were delivered in an odd Italian-ish accent and Lori Williams, well, she just danced alot and pissed off Turas character. Bits of violence, crazy dialouge but for some reason, no nudity, this is a classic.

Haji as Rosie, Lori Williams as Billie & Tura Satana as Varla

U.S. Film Poster - 1965

Rosie, Billie & Varla - German Lobby Card


The Girls

German Poster - Die Satanswieber von Tittifield - The Devil Women of Boob Land

Tura Satana Fightin'

Haji (butt), Dennis Busch, Stuart Lancaster, Tura (butt)

The Girls Relaxing - Tura Smiling

The Fabulous Haji - Promo Shot




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