Music: The Sex Pistols American Tour – 1978

Sex Pistols tour of the American South. Seven shows, ten days. Coming at a time when The Pistols could have had huge sold out shows in major cities like New York and LA, manager Malcolm McClaren chose to book them in redneck dive bars throughout the deep South instead. His plan was to cause as much shit as he possibly could in a short amount of time. He achieved that, in spades. Early in the tour, Vicious wandered off looking for drugs. He was found in a hospital, having carved the words “Gimme a fix” in his chest with a razor. During a concert in San Antonio he called the crowd “a bunch of faggots”, before striking an audience member across the head with his bass. Suffering from heroin withdrawal during a show in Dallas he spat blood at a woman who had climbed onstage and punched him in the face. He was admitted to hospital later that night to treat various injuries. Offstage he is said to have kicked a female photographer, attacked a security guard, and eventually challenged one of his own bodyguards to a fight. Johnny suffering from the flu for the better part of the tour hated the whole thing and gave as luckluster a performance as he could manage. He made it to the final show at San Fransisco’s Winterland until he craked on the encore uttering the famous line, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? Good night”— disolving the band for good.

Tour Schedule:

Jan. 5: Great Southeast Music Hall, Atlanta, Ga.         Jan. 6: Taliesyn Ballroom, Memphis, Tenn.

Jan. 8: Randy’s Rodeo, San Antonio, Texas                  Jan. 9: Kingfish Club, Baton Rouge, La.

Jan. 10: Longhorn Ballroom, Dallas, Texas                  Jan. 12: Cain’s Ballroom, Tulsa, Okla.

Jan. 14: Winterland, San Francisco, Calif.

The Debut Show - Great Southeast Music Hall, Atlanta, Ga. - Jan. 5, 1978

Randy's Rodeo - Jan. 8, 1978

The Longhorn Ballroom - Dallas TX

At the Longhorn - Jan 10, 1978 - Paul w/ fans - Johnny

Before the Longhorn show

Sid, John & Steve

Sid & John - 'Gimme a Fix' cut into Sid's chest

Sidney and fans

Cains Ballroom - Tulsa, OK - Jan. 12, 1978

Johnny at Cains

Winterland, San Francisco Jan 14, 1978 - The final Sex Pistols show



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