The Art of Packaging: LAFF Records

LAFF Records was a small independant lable based in LA specializing in adult comedy records in the early 70’s. Their galaxie of stars included Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, George Carlin, LaWanda Page, ventriloquist duo Richard & Willie and Skillet & Leroy – to name a few. Looking back now they may seem racist or at the very least badly stereotypical of the times, but LAFF was the place to be for a young comic with blue material, black or white. The biggest sellers though were the black party records with their racy artwork and suggestive taglines – and man, they are dirty and hilarious. Whomever designed these things must have been crazy themselves, wild type, everywhere all placed over some pretty bad photography. A lot of the LAFF stars found fame, especially in the mid 70’s when TV started excepting black characters and black sitcoms. Redd Foxx, Skillet & Leroy and LaWanda Page all went on to star in Sanford & Son. Richard Pryor became one of the biggest comedians and movie stars of the 70’s-80’s. Only a bit of this stuff has made it to CD – the Pryor and Foxx stuff mostly, so the only way you’ll hear it is if you find them in the bins at your local Goodwill. Try though – it’s worth the effort.

“I’ll Put My Mojo Double-Love Pakka-Mame on You!!!”

"Do I Hear an Amen From You M $% F *$ S

The Fabulous Auntie Tina Dixon

Richard Pryor - CRAPS

Skillet & Leroy

Baroness Bobo - There's a Mouse in My Pants

Mantan Moreland - Elsie's Sportin' House

"Grease Your Chimney...The Clown Prince of Comedy is Slidin' In!"

LaWanda Page - Pipe Layin' Dan

Skillet & Leroy & LaWanda - Back Door Daddy


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  1. Latonya Christian

    Im looking to speak to someone who knew my grandfather name is Robert White (bob)he was the Producer of Laff Record back in the 70s if you know someone or yourself please reach out to me Thank You

  2. Ronald Drozen

    hi, my name is Ronald Drozen. Luis Drozen of laff records was my grandfather. It’s strange and interesting to read about all this stuff i recall living through during my childhood. i recall all the discussions and arguments with and between Richard and my grand father and uncle, the “not quite reputable practices” in question. the stories i could tell. by the way, i only met him a few times but Mr. prior was always very nice. i think my grandfather would enjoy knowing his legacy sort of lives on. my uncle; who left with lots of cash and clients to start his own label; would prob try to cash in with some lawsuit, lol…but fortunately he’s a moron. Thanks for the memories

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