Film: The terrrible, horrible death of Susan Cabot

Susan Cabot – Nee Harriet Shapiro (July 9, 1927 – December 10, 1986)     Poor, beautiful Susan Cabot. Susan was a stage actress in NY when she was ‘discovered’ and taken to Hollywood to star in a series of B-Westerns. Never attaining A-list status Susans’ best known roll is arguably 1959’s The Wasp Woman – about a ageing cosmetics executive who finds that wasp venom will temporarily make her appear younger – but eventualy turn her into a blood thirsty murdering wasp-creature. Wasp Woman was Susan’s last film. In 1960 she had an affair w/ King Hussien of Jordan but was dumped when he found out she was actually Jewish. In 1968, she married second husband Michael Roman with whom she had one son, Timothy Scott Roman, before divorcing in 1983. Here’s where it gets weird. Susan’s son was born with dwarfism and suffered severe psychological problems. Susan didn’t help much by keeping him vertually housebound. On the night of December 10, 1986, around 10:30 pm, police responded to a call that there was an intruder at the house. When they arrived, Roman told them that “a tall Latino with curly hair, dressed like a Japanese Ninja warrior”, had attacked them both, making off with about $70,000 cash. Roman told the cops that he fought with the intruder, and was knocked out. Susan had been murdered with a barbell. Eventually it became clear that 21 year old Roman was the murderer and received….. wait for it…… a 3 year suspended sentence. Turns out Susan was treating him w/ an untested growth hormone that changed his natural height of 4 ” to 5″4′ – causing some very, very bad side effects.

Susan Cabot Pin-Up

The Wasp Woman Movie Poster – 1959

The Wasp Woman

Bond Drive

Lobby Card

Machine Gun Kelly w/ Charles Bronson

Poster – Without His Gun He Was Naked Yellow

Publicity shot – 1953

Double Bill – The Fly w/ The Wasp Woman


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  1. “…that changed his natural height of 4” to 5″4′ ” That’s a hell of a growth spurt.

  2. I hope he was able to find peace in life.

  3. James David Weinstock

    I was Timmy’s tutor, for years. Susan kept a room in her mansion for me. Susan lived in a multi-million dollar home in the mountains of Encino/Tarzana….and it was all paid for by King Hussein of Jordan, Timmy’s real Father. The shroud around Susan’s death does not point at Timmy, but at his step-father, who threatened Susan constantly with letters demanding she send him $50K…or to the Arab family who lived next door (more than a hundred yards away)….who gave corroborating evidence to the police during the investigation. It would have been quite easy for Mr. Roman to have done this deed and deliberately frame Timmy. Both Susan and Timmy were not only afraid of this man, but Susan kept the threatening letters by her bedside. The police never found these letters.The fact is, Timmy is the heir to the throne of Jordan, and his Mom, Susan, was Jewish. A Jewish man is the real heir to this position….but I haven’t talked with Timmy since I visited him in isolation, prior to the trial. His attorney, Chester, told me Timmy had to be held in isolation because if any Muslim in the jail found out somehow who he was, Timmy would not survive to the trial. What was most disturbing was that Mr. Roman became custodian for Timmy and stood to inherit all of Susan’s estate, including Princess Margaret’s Bentley, that Susan kept in her garage.

    • Hey James,
      Thank you so much for this information. What a story – and to hear another side of the tale. What ever happened to Timmy? Please feel free to write back w/ any info. Love to hear it.
      Thanks again,

  4. Sarhan Mahmoud

    what about king Hussein , did he forget his love !! , or just a (…..) for one time , we need to know the truth , one must be responsible , other has right , anew investigation should open ,

  5. Hi nice movies over there

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