Design: Movie Poster Cliches

To give credit where credit is due, I found these on a French site, though I don’t know who originaly put these all together. There are more and are worth searching out. Though movie posters have always been designed to primarily sell the movie, it seems now that the majority of recent releases follow a relatively cookie-cutter approach, one designed to highlight the star and not much else. Sure there’s some design going on here but why must every Tom Cruise movie poster have a huge photo of just him and why is Nick (what-happen-to-my-carreer) Cage always pointing a gun at me. Perhaps in 50 years these will seem just as beautiful and unique as, say, a Casablanca or a Hitchcock poster – but I doubt it.

Black and White and Flames

Eye Balls

Between the Legs


Back to Back

The Blue Tilt

The Back

Big Type

These are my favorites, for the most part, of all these collections. Independantly, there are some great designs here – ‘I Am Love’ is one of the best designed posters in years. Jacquine Phoenix’s ‘I’m Not Here’ is also great as is ‘Before Night Falls’. Where the others seem to follow a margeting formula, some of these really go agaisnt the norm – the poster for ‘The Informant’ is both hilarious, great design and it tells you absolutely nothing about the film, other then Matt Damon is the star and looks like an incredible dork.

Lastly, my own pet peeve – The Big Head Triangle. Make the biggest or title star huge and place everyone else in the movie around them. I think the Titanic and Brokeback Mountain posters are the exact same poster somehow.





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  1. Not surprising, as Hollywood hasn’t been creative for 20 years. I suspect there are only a few houses desiging the posters, and since the producers are afraid to try anything new (even the plots are based on previous money makers) why change a profitable thing?
    This is a wonderful post. Thanks. Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb

  2. It’s funny because I normally look at movie posters when I’m at a theater and I had started to notice how a lot of the designs look similar but this is a great collection so thanks for finding it.

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