Design: Some Girls

In honor of the re-mastered release of 1978’s Some Girls here’s probably the most interesting if not best designed Stones LP (Sticky Fingers & Exile…not withstanding). Designed by Peter Corriston- who would go on to design the next 3 Stones LPs, it employed an elaborate die-cut sleeve with an inner sleeve printed with various female celebrities, along with the boys. Each copy is literally unique as the colored ink was allowed to run out as the the sleeves were produced (the black ink was replenished). The initial copies start out very, very bright and fade to almost black and white by the final portion of each run. The first pressing was quickly recalled as the Stones were sued by the estates of some of the celebrities on the sleeve. Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, Farrah Fawcett and Liza Minelli (for her mom Judy Garland) all filed suit. The Stones cut their losses and released the second pressing w/ their faces but no stars, with ‘under construction’ printed throughout, making a very nicely designed album really uneffective.

Some Girls - 1st Pressing

Some Girls - Lawsuit Edition

The Stones - 1978

Large Poster Series

Detail - Mick & Jayne Mansfield

The Original Girls

These were the die-cut pieces taken from the original wig-ad artwork used for the cover. Mick threw these into the audience like rose petals on the short-lived 78 tour.

Promo Banner

Stand-Up Record Store Display


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