The Art of Packaging: Pulp Art

It’s great to see how much talent went into these relitively cheap pulp novels. Who cares what the stories were about – the cover sells the book. The artists would be commisioned for specific titles, but it was a good bet their paintings would show up on different books alltogether with minor color and text changes – who cares about copyright laws. This was called Commercial Art in the 30’s-50’s, when multi-talented painters/illustrators made their living solely on ads and book covers. In the 30’s publishers Street and Smith offered hundreds of these paintings for sale, extremely cheap. Not one was sold even when the price went to 5 for a$1.00. So they burnt them all. Thinking about that makes me want to cry.

Never Love A Man

Take Off Your Mask

The Eighth Circle

Male Ward


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  1. amazing. pulp arts cool. use to love vintage pulp art ads.
    amazing blog.

    keep it up

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