Everybody Loves: Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy – Nee Kristy Wallace (born February 20, 1953). How can you not love a hot redhead with a huge guitar and a thousand mile stare. When The Cramps first started in 1976, the band could hardly play a note and it seemed Ivy based all her guitar work on the one song she knew well – Ace of Spades by Link Wray. Time saw them all become better musicians and kept them rolling until they disbanded in 2009 – after the death of Ivy’s husband and lead singer Lux Interior. If you’re new to The Cramps (and Poison), check out their first LP on IRS Records – Songs the Lord Taught Us. It’s a perfect mixture of raw rockabilly, wild punk and b-movie song writing – all to the tune of Ace of Spades. Also, see the Bikini Girls with Machine Guns video – it highlights Poison Ivy’s talents nicely.

Poison Live

With Lux

On the cover of Girlyhead

The Band - Fur, Lux, Nick, Poison

Lux and Poison

Publicity Shot



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  1. Poison Ivy was the first musician to convince me that the guitar could be used as a lean, mean weapon. She makes it sound far more dangerous and dirty than any man I’ve heard play.

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