Photography: Contact Sheets

Contact sheets are like the deleted scenes on a DVD, the outtakes of an LP, or the sketches for a painting. It’s interesting to see how the artist got to the end result. When a photo is iconic it’s hard to believe that other shots were taken at all, as if that photo was the only one taken in that shoot. The Bowie, Alladin Sane cover for example, all very similar shots but there really only is that one shot – isn’t there. The Lennon, New York shot by Bob Gruen as well. The Arbus photo Child in Central Park With Toy Handgrenade, on the other hand looks like complete bit of chance. Every frame of the contact sheet depicts a silly, slightly manic looking boy having fun, all except the famous one. The boy looks absolutely terrifying and most likely insane. Some of these are simply ‘snap-shots’ capturing  an event or time – the photos being more of a series than a single picture. JFK with his young daughter, Truman Capote meeting with convicted killer Perry Smith or Jack Nicholson hamming it up.

Jack Nicholson

Bowie - Alladin Sane

Child in Central Park With Toy Handgrenade - Diane Arbus

The Famous shot

The Beatles

JFK w/ daughter Caroline

Jimi Hendrix

Truman Capote and Perry Smith (Clutter Family murderer - In Cold Blood)


John Lennon

Che Guevera

Alfred Hitchcock

Robt. DeNiro - Taxi Driver

The Stones 1964

Michael Caine - Sean Connery

Aretha Franklin


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  1. Awesome post. Funny enough I saw the Diane Arbus photo in a photography book.

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