Style: The Eleganza Story

Things Happen When You Wear ELEGANZA! Yes they do.  This is one style I don’t see coming back too quickly. What can you call this? Urban Fop? Victorian Disco? I have no idea. Obviously targeted at the black urban population, it’s hard to imagine anyone, black or white wearing this stuff. If you watch some old Blaxploitation movies, you’ll see it briefly – Super Fly, The Mack, Blacula, Monkey Hustle, etc. I don’t imagine the man-on-the-street took to this too readily – but I could be wrong. Not much about the company other then it was a mail order catalog located on Diamond St. Brockton Mass. That’s the story. A nice look into that deep ugly hole called 70’s fashion.


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  1. Today is Sept 1, 2014. I am very proud to say that I wore the holy hell out of the Eleganza clothing! I ordered everything in their catalogues. I could not wait and could never get enough of receiving their catalogues in the mail, and whenever I did it was bombs away with the ordering. I wore their clothing EVERYWHERE, especially to the roller skating rink. I started wearing their clothing in 1970 and wore them until the early 80’s. Although I am 66 years in age, I could still wear them. I’m only 5′ 5″ in height and my weight is around 170 lbs. The thing I marvelled about were their sizes. They would always fit me perfectly and without any alteration. When I would wear them to the roller skating rink, I was always approached by many many women with their favorite lines “come on and skate with me”. Was it the
    Eleganza clothing? I don’t know. But I can say that I was an extremely very good skater and at my current age of 66, I STILL roller-skate, atleast two times per week. Today I skate in my favorite Laker gear. I have six different Laker outfits that I skate in. But I really miss my Eleganza apparel. What happened to Eleganza? Are they still in the mail order clothing business? I would really like to know. Who knows…I might bombard them with more orders for their clothing. Thank You….

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