The Art of Packaging: Pomade

Pomade – As you may or may not know, pomade is a thick hair goo used to style your hair into the perfect Elvis quiff (among other styles). It was hugely popular from the 40’s – 60’s and has made a comeback in the 2000’s with the resurgence of the rockabilly look. I don’t really know if this stuff was created specifically for African-American hair and white folks userped it (like everything else) or it was the same stuff just marketed to different races. Either way, the packaging is pretty specific and pretty cool. The Beatles had their own branded pomade (though it doesn’t seem they used it) as did boxing legend Joe Louis. The Cohen Brothers even made it a focal point in their film “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” with the fictional Dapper Dan Hair Treatment.

Slick Black - Not really pomade but nice packaging

Royal Crown - Lovers Moon

Ad for Murray's Hair Pomade - Joe Louis

Beatles Pomade - Individual Packets

Ringo's Pre-Beatle quiff


"I don't want FOP Godamnit, I'm a Dapper Dan Man" Fictional pomade from "Oh Brother Where Art Thou"

Schmiere - Modern pomade from Germany - Great packaging

Why you need pomade



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