The Art of Packaging: Japanese Booze and Cig Posters

The Japanese love thier smokes and booze. These poster don’t strike me as overly traditional and are stylistically different as the years progress becoming almost American looking in the 30’s.  I’m sure there are vast studies outlining the changes in japanese pre-war society and how they reflect the commercial arts but I can’t be bothered right now – I just like ’em. Good color, nice type work, cool imagery. Have a drink, light up a cig and appreciate these fine posters.

Tokio Beer - 1896

Peacock Cigarettes - 1902

Sakura Beer - 1924

Umegatani sake - 1926

Cascade Beer - 1929

Minori Cigarettes - 1930

Yebisu Beer - 1930

Urara Cigarettes - 1932

Tobacco is good for society campaign - 1937

Sakura Beer - 1938

War Time - Don't Buy Cigs on the Black Market - 1948


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