LPs: Do they know it’s Christmas time? Christmas Vinyl

Justin Bieber’s got 1, Jessica Simpson has 2. Jesus man, even the Beatles, they have 7. Elvis has 2,  The Stones, oddly enough have none. Sure everyone knows the classics – Nat King Coles – The Christmas Songs, Bing Crosby’s – White Christmas. Everybody and their dog have recorded a Christmas LP at some point. There’s a good chance though that most of these won’t be in your collection. My favorites are the LPs from Asia – a country I don’t really associate with Christmas. All of these though are great. I’d love to here X’mas A Go Go or Christmas with Rico. Special thanks to lpcoverlovers.com.

Xmas A Go Go

Christmas with Melis

Les Chaussettes Noir

Space Age Santa Claus by Ross Christman (?!)

Merry Christmas

Santa, watch you claws - x-rated comedy by Jimmy Pelham

Thore Skomans - Klappa pa!

The Cousins Celebrate Christmas

Santa Claus A Go Go - Olgay Tony

Christmas with Heavenly Melody

La Trifulca - What are they throwing at each other?

The Rumbles Ltd. - The Wildest Christmas

Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby (Not that Madonna shit)

White Christmas

Hurra por Santa Claus

Victor Santos

Christmas with Rico


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