The Art of Packaging: Christmas Smokes

I guess saying, “things were different then” is a little bit of an understatement. Everybody smoked, and they smoked a lot. So much so that you could actually mail a carton of cigarettes with a pre-printed Christmas message. All the big stars pushed their brand – even ex-president Ronald Reagan smoked Chesterfields.

Ronal Reagan for Chesterfields

Santa says "Guard Agaisnt Throat-Scratch" with Pall Mall

Creepy Santa recommends Luck Strikes - "Luckies are easy on my throat"

Joan Crawford brings Lucky Strikes

Cesterfields - "Give the cigarette that satisfies"

Camels and Prince Albert - The perfect holiday gift

Lucky Strikes - "Light up a Lucky - it's light up time!"

Chesterfields - Bing Crosby, Arthur Godfrey, Bob Hope & Perry Como

May All Your Dreams Come True - with Marlboro

Chesterfield they Satisfy

Camels - "Merry Christmas - Pleasant Smoking"


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