Photographer: Astrid Kirchherr

Astrid Kirchherr (born 20 May 1938) Astrid Kirchherr’s noteriety centers almost completly around the photographs she took of The Beatles while they were living and performing in Hamburg Germany in 1960-62. This is not to say she was simply ‘in the right place at the right time’, Astrid was a very talented photographer and fashion designer – she just happened to fall in love with their music and specifically their bass player – Stuart Sutcliffe (who would die in April 1962 lof a brain hemorrage at the age of 22). She is also credited with creating their signature Mop-Top haircut – “All that rubbish people said, that I created their hairstyle, that’s rubbish! Lots of German boys had that hairstyle. Stuart had it for a long while and the others copied it.”  In 1995, Kirchherr told BBC Radio Merseyside: “All my friends in art school used to run around with this sort of what you call Beatles haircut. And my boyfriend then, Klaus Voormann, had this hairstyle, and Stuart liked it very very much. He was the first one who really got the nerve to get the Brylcream out of his hair and asking me to cut his hair for him”. Personally, I like the pompadours better.

self portrait

Astrid and Stuart

George, Stuart and John

Pete, George, John, Paul, Stuart

Paul, George, Pete (already not fitting in ), John, Stuart

George - 17 years old

George's fine quiff

Stuart Sutcliffe

Paul w/ Stu (out of focus)

John w/ Stu

Stuart and Astrid

Paul and George

Stuart in Hamburg

After Stuarts death - John & George in his painting studio

George and John - The New Haircut


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