Design: Men’s Adventure Magazines

Apparently life in the 50’s was filled with peril for the American Male. Even more-so for the American Female. It was a damn good thing she had a MAN around to save her! If it’s not huge snakes, sex crazed gorillas or kill-mad tigers, it’s Communists, Nazi’s or inner city gangs set on branding women with red hot skulls. Jesus, I feel possitively safe and sound. Who cares about unemployment, inflation and Rick Santorum – at least I’m not being raped by a wild pack of monkies or some such.

Men's Adventure - Bride of the Anaconda

Rage - I Was Flogged by Red Sadists

Peril - I Battled the Blood-Hungry Hell-Cultists


Original Art

MEN - Free the Women of Love Captive Stalig

The Story

Man's Book - Action For Men

All Man - Man's Book

Wildcat - Mad Dogs and Naked Cuties

Man's Adventure - Venereal Disease...Read the Facts



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  1. Crimezine LOVES the fifties, prejudice was so much simpler then!

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